Your story, captured authentically, with support and expertise

The biggest thrill of my work is seeing the impact photography makes on the clients I work with…

I totally understand that most people feel very uneasy and self-conscious about being photographed, so my main objective is always to offer support and put them at ease right from our first contact.

My goal is to help to make the experience more natural and enjoyable than they may ever have expected.

This way, the photos should succeed in capturing personality and authenticity. Witnessing clients’ confidence grow as they view themselves in these genuine moments is hugely rewarding.

What Others say

“Having my brand photos taken by Jen was a first-class experience. She was delightful to work with from start to finish, made me relaxed and laugh and she made me an amazing video too. I’m so so pleased with the photos I’ve had back which are all over my new website and social media channels.”

Hils Crisp

Hils Crisp Coaching

“Jen has photographed a number of events for me and I’m always DELIGHTED when I see the pics! It’s a really special moment for me to relive the day and the photos capture the energy and love in the room, which is so important to me.

It’s amazing how Jen anticipates those magical moments, they may only last a split second but Jen knows when they’re coming and bingo she’s got them on camera! Having Jen at my events is like having a beautiful butterfly flutter around the room. She’s smooth as well as being purposeful and Jen is lovely company too.”

Sarah Cook

Founder, Come Network With Me

“Like many, I often shy away from my own photos. But Jen’s expertise and professionalism truly transformed the experience.

What I expected to be nerve-wracking turned into a relaxed and enjoyable day, for which I’m immensely grateful. It took me a while to realize that embracing myself is embracing my brand, and Jen beautifully captured my essence.”

Fabiola Doano

Apoyo Courses

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